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Alina’s Poem

Alina's Poem


So the story begins on a fresh spring day

Both sat at a laptop in complete disarray

With modern lives so busy how does one meet

their one true love, for ever keeps

In true modern form they turn to the web

To answer their dreams of hoping to wed.

So the search began with a click of a mouse

Witty profile created to stand out from the crowd

Like shopping for clothes you select your criteria…

Height, hair colour, career, marital status and year

With a strike of a key the results begin to appear

a selection of options to peruse and revere

With a wink and a message the conversation began

Alina and Simon were clearly a fan

On the 21st of May the pair finally did meet

At Harry’s Bar in the City, to find was a feet.

The connection was clear, the pair chatted for hours

As true love worked its magical powers

Far too much was shared but neither did care

As they knew from that moment it was a true love affair.

Within a matter of months they were Greenwich bound.

Chateau Sambolina had been found.

It didn’t take long for the family to expand

A friend for Reo had been planned.

Along came Millie making their family complete

But unfortunately it ended bittersweet.

Now jumping ahead, on September Six

A weekend away out in the sticks

They pitched their tent on the Isle of Shell

The setting was perfect, some would say swell

With a picnic in tow they headed to the beach

The sea lapping at the shore just out of reach

Simon then found the perfect spot

Nestled in the sand dunes, right on top

Beach, Bubbles and Food, they enjoyed the sunset

The orange and blue sky they’d never forget

Then out of the blue Simon reached for a shell

And asked Alina to be his sweet belle

Without a shadow of doubt her answer was yes

There was certainly no need for Simon to stress

With 9 months to go the countdown began

Their dream wedding day, they started to plan

The criteria was simple, sun, sea and sand

Cyprus was chosen, it would be grand

The venue, flights and hotel booked

Nothing had been overlooked

The months passed quickly and before they knew

The hen and stag do were in view

First the hen and they were Bristol bound

A doll, some straws and cake were found

The day was relaxed and ever so chill

With afternoon tea and bubbles, the spa was just brill

To finish the night they partied in style

43 will remain infamous for quite a while.

Next it was time for the boys to depart

Residents of York stay home if you’re smart

The night began with the ball and chain in tow

The beers and shots certainly did flow

The following day the activities began

With their balls inflated wiping out Simon the plan

Bouncing and tumbling so much fun to be had

The bruises to follow would be so bad

Then onto the pub for the drinking to start

It didn’t take long until they were drunk as a fart

As the weeks flew by the day soon came

To pack their bags and board the plane

A chilled few days to soak up the sun

Seeing their guests, it was so fun

Soon they woke, it was their wedding day

The setting was perfect, in Paphos Bay

Now here we are at the Olympic lagoon

To celebrate with the bride and groom

The love they share is clear to see

I’m sure you all must agree

We wish them well as man and wife

As they begin their long and happy life.